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Analytics and brochures

02 May 2023
Temporary management of property of foreign persons

25 April 2023 the Russian President signed the Decree “On the temporary management of certain property”.

29 March 2023
New items have been added to the existing conditions for performing transactions involving hostile non-residents disposing of shares of and membership interests in Russian Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies

The Government Commission on Monitoring Foreign Investment in Russia has supplemented the list of conditions for carrying out transactions with a view to disposing of securities including shares of and membership interests in...

29 March 2023
The Government has extended the moratorium on scheduled audits of businesses until 2030
The Russian Government has adopted Resolution No. 372 dated 10 March 2023, which extends until 2030 the moratorium on audits introduced in 2022, and provides for other specific aspects of control activities.
20 March 2023
The State Duma is preparing to pass a law which will clarify legal consequences of the invalidation of transactions with foreign investments
On 15 February 2023 the State Duma considered in the first reading a Draft Law which amends article 15 of Federal Law No. 57-FZ dated 29 April 2008 “On the procedure for foreign investments in business entities of strategic importance ...
10 March 2023
A special procedure has been established for making certain transactions with securities

Further to the President’s Decree No. 138 dated 3 March 2023[1] (Decree No. 138), a special procedure has been established for performing transactions with Russian securities purchased from ‘hostile’ non-residents.

09 January 2023
The conditions of transactions involving a disposal of shares and membership interests of Russian companies by "hostile" non-residents and a payment of dividends by Russian JSCs and LLCs to foreign shareholders and participants have been published
The Government Commission for Monitoring the Implementation of Foreign Investments in Russia has established a list of conditions for the carrying out (performance) of transactions (operations) aimed at the disposal of securities, incl...
26 September 2022
The procedure of issuing permissions for transactions (operations) with respect to membership interests in llcs involving non-residents from hostile states
The Russian Government has determined the procedure for the Government Commission on Monitoring Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation (the ‘Government Commission’) to issue permissions for transactions (operations) with respect to me...
05 August 2022
New developments in legislation on special economic measures: what the participants on the pharmaceuticals market should anticipate
Starting from 25 July 2022, federal laws dated 14 July 2022 No. 272-FZ and No. 273-FZ came into force, which amend the public procurement rules, including in the sphere of pharmaceuticals and medical items if special state security measures...
25 July 2022
Since 14 July a moratorium has been introduced on the application of a number of antitrust prohibitions and other measures have come into force that are aimed at supporting business under conditions where sanctions are in force
Amendments have been made to the legislation that impose  a moratorium on the application of a number of antitrust prohibitions when procurement is carried out from a single supplier, change the threshold values for transactions to be ...