Registering trade marks in Russia 21 F.A.Q.
Are there different types of trade marks? Must you obtain a trade mark registration in order to have trade mark rights? Are there different standards for registering different types of marks? What are the requirements to register a trade mark? etc.
Valentina Orlova
Tamara Gvimradze
Roman Bevzenko: 'How I Defeated the Robot Lawyer'
The majority of my colleagues agree that the most spectacular event of the VIII Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum was the one where the Russian telecommunication company Megafon presented its legal robot. Not only did the robot appear in front of the public, but also represented one of the disputing parties in a mock case.
Russia and Hong Kong Tax Treaty Establishes a Favorable Investment Climate
It is hoped that the tax treaty between Russia and Hong Kong will improve economic relations between the countries and increase their level of transparency. Rustem Ahmetshin, a Senior Partner at Pepeliaev Group for Bloomberg BNA. 
Special Economic Zones offer tax privileges in Russia
On 3 October 2017 the Russian Ministry of Finance published the draft “Main directions of the budgetary, tax and customs tariff policies for 2018 and for the planning period of 2019 and 2020”. The document states that it is necessary for Russia to reduce its dependency on the export of oil. Over the next several years this will have to be accomplished in difficult economic and international conditions. New investments in the country's economy will need to be attracted. 
Pharmaceutical Guide. Law and Practice
The advertising of medicines in the Russian Federation is regulated primarily by the general and special provisions of Federal Law No. 38-FZ dated March 13, 2006 ‘On Advertising’ (the “Law onAdvertising”). Also, the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (“AIPM”) sets out some rules on advertising and methods of promotion to the general public. These requirements are prescribed by the AIPM Code of Practice, which is a self-regulatory code, and applicable only to the pharmaceutical companies that are members of AIPM. In particular, the AIPM Code establishes both general provisions on the promotion of medicines and specific features for advertising and other methods of promotion to the general public.
Alina Mamaeva
Anna Shibanova
Kristina Filippova
Problems of proving in court the customs value of goods
For more than a year, when considering customs disputes, courts have been actively applying the legal positions that are reflected in Resolution No. 18 of the Plenum of the Russian Supreme Court “On certain issues of the application of customs legislation by courts” dated 12 May 2016. Most such disputes are connected with methods for determining the customs value of goods imported into the territory of the Customs Union. This is the reason why special attention is given to this category of disputes in Resolution No. 18 of the Plenum of the Russian Supreme Court, says Andrey Mikulin, Head of Sakhalin Office of Pepeliaev Group . 
Elena Sokolovskaya spoke at the annual Antimonopoly Forum held by the Russian Corporate Counsel Association
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