Expatriate on-boarding: the top 5 points of concern for companies and individuals

Are you planning to hire an expatriate or are you a foreign national planning to work in Russia? In any case, it will be helpful to think about the issues discussed in this article before accepting a job in Russia.  

Julia Borozdna
Roman Gerebtsov
Mediation in experience and vision of the Russian Pacific
Today in most countries, Russia is perceived as a country with a lagging legal and economic system in which all disputes and disagreements are resolved by force and power. However, this is just a stereotype that has nothing to do with reality. Mediation in Russia has been known since ancient times. Over the centuries, the conciliation procedures in Russia have undergone great changes and have passed on their own unique way of development – from the rite of the Slavs «twinning» to mediation in its modern sense. At the same time, the development of mediation in Russia has its own characteristics associated with the size of its territory, a well-built structure of power, the multi-ethnic nature of its people with their distinctive cultural characteristics, and the presence of centuries-old close political, economic, and cultural ties with a large number of countries connected to the borders of Russia, which have brought their own special European, Asian and Eastern way of life and thinking to the country. 
INSIGHT: Russia—Challenges of the Google Tax
There have been significant changes to the way electronic services are taxed in Russia. Anton Nikiforov of Pepeliaev Group discusses the challenges that foreign companies face and how these challenges can be overcome.
Registering trade marks in Russia 21 F.A.Q.
Are there different types of trade marks? Must you obtain a trade mark registration in order to have trade mark rights? Are there different standards for registering different types of marks? What are the requirements to register a trade mark? etc.
Valentina Orlova
Tamara Gvimradze
Roman Bevzenko: 'How I Defeated the Robot Lawyer'
The majority of my colleagues agree that the most spectacular event of the VIII Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum was the one where the Russian telecommunication company Megafon presented its legal robot. Not only did the robot appear in front of the public, but also represented one of the disputing parties in a mock case.
Russia and Hong Kong Tax Treaty Establishes a Favorable Investment Climate
It is hoped that the tax treaty between Russia and Hong Kong will improve economic relations between the countries and increase their level of transparency. Rustem Ahmetshin, a Senior Partner at Pepeliaev Group for Bloomberg BNA. 
Legal and tax support of a large gold-mining company
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Natalia Prisekina, a Partner at Pepeliaev Group, has given a presentation at an international conference in Seoul
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Expatriate on-boarding: the top 5 points of concern for companies and individuals
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