Out-of-court settlement of a dispute between two clients of our firm

Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers assisted in settling a dispute between two active clients of the firm. With there being a conflict of interests, our experts conducted an independent assessment of the dispute and acted as mediators.

The dispute concerned the settlement of disagreements regarding multi-turn packaging in which the main products were supplied. During many years of joint work, the cost of claims has increased, but despite repeated attempts at negotiations, the parties have not been able to reach an agreement. Owing to the fact that the limitation period was close to expiring, one of the parties was forced to raise this issue again, up to filing a statement of claim with the court.

Based on the results of the legal assessment of the dispute, our lawyers prepared a legal opinion. The main difficulty was that the outcome of a potential legal dispute largely depended on the court's subjective assessment of the evidence. At the same time, case law on similar disputes is quite contradictory. Therefore, it was impossible to reliably and unambiguously determine the probability of a particular outcome of a court case.

Having reviewed the assessment we provided and after subsequent rounds of negotiations, the parties reached an agreement. They agreed to resolve the conflict on mutually acceptable terms and conditions for the parties, in a short time compared to a lengthy trial in several instances. In addition, the parties incurred significantly lower costs compared with their possible court costs.

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