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The Firm and Society

The Firm and Society

Being actively involved in social policy and in community life is an important component of Pepeliaev Group's corporate strategy.

The firm strives to meet social expectations by actively implementing the programme of social projects. We treat as an integrated whole all aspects of our firm's work including professional business activities, caring for staff and their families, efforts within the professional community and active influence in the industries with which our work is directly connected.

Pepeliaev Group views all its social obligations as closely connected with the general commitment to further develop and expand our business, raise the quality of the services we provide and to meet the highest global standards. Serious social projects are impossible without the firm developing overall.

The primary features of our social policy include:
  • participating in sponsorship and charity events aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups;
  • providing legal support on a non-profit basis to companies involved in education, training and international cooperation;
  • following a publishing policy that is aimed at expanding egal knowledge to the widest extent possible;
  • ensuring a high level of social guarantees for the firm's employees, taking account of how such guarantees are set out in the employment legislation;
  • contributing to strengthening the civil society, particularly the section of it formed by large professional associations and communities of corporate lawyers and attorneys.

Obligations to employees

Pepeliaev Group voluntarily accepts and unfailingly performs social obligations to its employees. As a responsible employer, the firm preserves and creates jobs, maintains compliance with the Russian employment legislation and provides fitting working conditions and social protection for its staff. Occupational safety for and safeguarding the health of all employees are among the key priorities in our activities.

Combining the Western pragmatic approach to business and an almost family-like atmosphere of a united team, Pepeliaev Group creates excellent conditions for professional and career advancement. We consider our staff to be the firm's most important asset and make every effort to care about the employees by establishing solid social guarantees. At the same time, we provide wide opportunities that enable each person to fully unleash his or her potential and have their work evaluated fairly.

Pepeliaev Group pays special attention to the development of young professionals by organising practical training sessions for the “Young Professional” programme for graduates of major universities' law faculties. This initiative is a social investment of ours, which enables the firm to identify gifted young people and help them to make progress

Clients and the market

We aim for our relationships with clients and business partners to be based on sincerity, good will and mutual understanding. The human element of business relationships is of no less value for us than the economic part of them. Clients and partners who have successful experience of working with our firm usually want to continue to do so.

Pepeliaev Group regards it as vital that the firm should not take on cases which appear doubtful from the legal perspective or which are in conflict with our business ethics and the inner convictions of the firm's management or staff.

Principles of fair competition

Our primary principle is a commitment to fair competition. Pepeliaev Group is open to dialogue, pursuing joint projects or holding events together with other companies. Our activities are aimed at joining efforts with “industry peers” to achieve not only important corporate goals but also socially valuable results.

Competition in the legal services industry does not prevent us from developing partnership relationships with leading Russian lawyers and companies that are interested in joining efforts to resolve the most urgent objectives or those with the best prospects. Our firm is involved in organising and staging annual international academic and practical conferences. These conferences have become events of national importance in Russia. They bring together the foremost representatives of the Russian legal community, foreign experts, judges and representatives from the Russian State Duma and Federation Council. Speeches and presentations from those taking part in conferences cover many relevant problems of administrative and judicial practice, share Russian and foreign practical solutions for various legal problems and offer suggestions and recommendations as to how to improve Russian legislation and judicial and arbitration practice.

Supporting culture

In the context of a cultural project entitled “People and Taxes” that Pepeliaev Group pursued, in October 2007 the firm, together with Mossovet Theatre in Moscow organised the reprinting of the play “L’Ecole des Contribuables” (”The School of Taxpayers”) by French writers Louis Verneuil and Georges Berr. This unique satirical work was written in 1934 and was published in the USSR for the only time in 1935. The play relates an old story: a tax law dispute involving a taxpayer. The confrontation will never come to an end - there will always be ways to circumvent a law, especially an imperfect and absurd one. To prove that in our time the play remains insightful and relevant, in 2009, with Pepeliaev Group's support, it was put on the stage for the first time at the State Youth Theatre on Fontanka Embankment in St Petersburg. In addition, in 2009, within the scope of the project “People and Taxes”, we issued an album “Taxes in Art”, consisting of over 150 reproductions of paintings on tax and fiscal topics.

In 2015 Pepeliaev Group and the State Historical Museum completed the unique project to restore the 13th century Novgorod "Book of the Helmsman".

The Novgorod "Book of the Helmsman" was created in 1280 as one of the first legal documents in Ancient Rus. Apart from Byzantine records (such as the "Syntagma Canonum" and the Serbian-edited "Nomocanon"), it comprises Russian legislative acts, including the oldest known copy of the "Russkaya Pravda" (‘Russian Justice’) and the "Zakon Sudnyi Liudem" (‘Court Law for the People’ legal codes. In the 14th century, the compendium was updated with the Prince Vladimir Charter (the oldest copy) and the Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich Charter.

The restoration work performed on the book was so complicated that the Museum's administration had to spend six months just to find an expert who would be ready to take on the restoration of the antique tome. 

Pepeliaev Group's plans for the short term include making available the knowledge we have accumulated in many different forms, including books, reports, memorandums and journals. In our opinion, what is needed most of all is to share experience with law firms in other Russian cities. This in turn will help the country's regions to develop economically.

We believe that our work in social matters helps to strengthen our country, promote democracy and increase the level of legal culture in society. This enhances the well-being of the Russian people.

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