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Best Lawyers™ 2018

Law Firm Pepeliaev Group has been ranked the Tax Law Firm of the Year in Russia by Best Lawyers™, the international legal rating

Tax Law

Sergey G. Pepeliaev, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2009) 92126 - Pepeliaev Group.jpg
Rustem Ahmetshin, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2014)
Valentina Akimova, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2014)
Ivan Khamenushko, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2014)
Anton Nikiforov, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2017-18)
Andrey Nikonov, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2017-18)
Sergey Sosnovsky, St. Petersburg, Russia (starting
from 2014)- the Lawyer of the Year

Arbitration and Mediation

Roman Bevzenko, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2017-18)

Competition / Antitrust Law

Radmila Nikitina, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2014)

Corporate Law

Sergey Spasennov, St. Petersburg, Russia (starting from 2009)

Intellectual Property Law

Yuri Yahin, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2017-18)

Labor and Employment Law

Julia Borozdna, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2010)

Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Sergey Spasennov, St. Petersburg, Russia (starting from 2009)

Real Estate Law

Natalia Stenina, Moscow, Russia (starting from 2017-18)

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