Inside view

Alexander Vinogradov

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
When you were looking for a job, why did you choose Pepeliaev Group?

I joined the firm in 2003. I was a young lawyer and wanted to find a rapidly growing team where I would have an opportunity to realise my hopes and gain experience. In its first years, the firm grew by 30-50%. The client list grew even more rapidly. While a number of things have changed, there is one constant: Pepeliaev Group remains the most dynamic law firm in Russia. I found everything I was looking for at Pepeliaev Group and continue to enjoy working at the firm.

What would you cite as the overriding qualities of Pepeliaev Group?

Pepeliaev Group is the leading firm on the legal advisory market. It is a fully-fledged law firm capable of implementing any project, no matter how complex it may be: from the expert review of a contract to resolution of the most complex tax disputes, the drafting of amendments to legislation and legal optimisation of business processes.  The scale of the projects undertaken by the firm is amazing. The firm can take on such projects owing to the actions of a well-oiled and cohesive team. It is also important that the Managing Partner is a practising lawyer himself and plays an active role in the work on projects. This enables us to take decisions promptly, be flexible in our approach and cooperate with clients more efficiently. 

Does Pepeliaev Group offer real career opportunities?

Based on personal experience I can say that Pepeliaev Group offers all manner of opportunities for career advancement. I joined the firm in 2003 as a corporate lawyer; in 2007 I became the head of the legal service, in 2008 – the head of the department for legal support and corporate standards and in 2009 – deputy general director. Many professional staff who joined the firm in 2002-2003 are now partners. Pepeliaev Group always offers ample opportunities for talented and committed lawyers to grow professionally.

Does working for Pepeliaev Group place any restrictions on the firm’s employees?

One of the most important conditions imposed by work at Pepeliaev Group concerns the confidentiality of the information received from clients during the provision of legal services and immense responsibility for the quality of all work and adherence to deadlines. Client service for us is not just words; it reflects our way of thinking and the set of measures and efforts undertaken by the whole team, including all administrative departments. 
Do you feel comfortable working for Pepeliaev Group?

I believe that working for the firm now is the most comfortable time so far. Now I can realise all my undertakings, even the most challenging ones. 
What have you gained professionally and personally from working for Pepeliaev Group?

While working at Pepeliaev Group I have realised how important it is to be a professional and not to simply look like one. Clients may turn to any lawyer, who claims to be a specialist. They will, however, only trust true professionals. Personally I have acquired inner confidence, which only comes once you work with people whom you can involve in any deal however complex it may be.

What attracts you about Pepeliaev Group today?

Every employee finds something in the firm that he or she is looking for. For me the most important thing right now is the ability to work with a team of professionals. First and foremost, I am referring to our administrative team. Throughout its existence Pepeliaev Group has built a strong and professional administrative team, which can cope with tasks of any complexity. All our clients, and not only our clients, know that we have the best lawyers in Russia. The success of the firm as a whole is only possible thanks to the combined efforts of the team as a whole.

What is your most vivid impression from working for Pepeliaev Group?

My most vivid impression would have to be our last corporate New Year party. This was one of the most outstanding events in our corporate culture. The main difference from previous New Year parties was that the whole party, from start to finish, was organised solely by our human resources department. We managed to create an atmosphere of a family holiday. Everybody could display his or her talents that are not always demonstrated in everyday work. Naturally we have always known that we had many educated and talented lawyers. We did not know, however, that they included a number of musicians and poets. We knew that our dispute resolution practice won most cases. We did not know, however, that the practice included a number of talented singers. We knew that our corporate lawyers could cope with any complex contracts. We did not know, however, that the practice included some professional dancers. This event proved the saying: “If you do something with your own hands and invest all your heart, everything will turn out fine.”
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