Legal Defence of Business: a new administrative bulletin from Pepeliaev Group

Pepeliaev Group is to launch a new information bulletin, Administrative Bulletin: Legal Defence of Business. The first issue of the bulletin is dedicated to legal defence of business in the sphere of finance, currency circulation, foreign exchange operations and currency control.

These are urgent issues in the current climate. The government is enforcing currency control and consistently increasing liability both for conducting unlawful financial operations and violating the procedure for conducting lawful financial operations. To achieve any business objective, the following administrative procedures should be observed: certification documents should be obtained (licences, permits and approvals), and notifications and reports should be filed with government authorities. In the case of administrative offences in business, companies are increasingly facing turnover-based fines, managers are being disqualified and legal entities’ activities are being suspended.  

Recommendations from Pepeliaev Group lawyers will help to prepare companies to perform financial operations under new legal regulations and to manage the risks that arise. This bulletin has been prepared by lawyers from the Administrative Defence of Business Group who will share their knowledge and experience, informing readers about the most important trends in legislation and judicial practice, current explanations given by government authorities and the most important events related to the relevant subject. 

We hope that the information that you will find in our new bulletin will be useful to your business, that it will help you to navigate your way through the fast-changing legal regulation and to take the best possible business decisions. If necessary, the lawyers from the Administrative Defence of Business Group will provide you with additional comments and recommendations.

Elena Ovcharova, Head of the Administrative Defence of Business Group, Pepeliaev Group

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