Legal support of investment projects in Russia

Legal support of investment projects in Russia

Pepeliaev Group is a law firm boasting fourteen years of hands-on experience in legal support of investment projects of any complexity.

The firm brings together the best experts from different legal fields possessing specialised knowledge and offering a wide network of contacts. This means we can offer comprehensive support to both foreign companies operating in Russia and domestic businessmen working abroad and in CIS countries.

Services offered to foreign investors in Russia

Over 60% of our clients are international companies and corporations implementing long-term investment projects in Russia.
Pepeliaev Group knows how to provide legal support to investors that are accessing the Russian market in any manner, be it: a new representative office, a new company, a newly incorporated joint venture/public-private partnership, an M&A transaction or a Greenfield investment. 

Established companies are offered reliable legal assistance designed to mitigate legal risks even further.
Services, step-by-step

  • Identifying the region to invest in
  • Assessing the administrative capacities and the business climate
  • Undertaking preliminary project planning
  • Arranging and supporting negotiations with public officials regarding benefits and local regulatory amendments, drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Advice on taxation of foreign companies in Russia
  1. Mitigating possible tax risks by applying the current legal provisions and introducing legislative initiatives
  2. Advising on regulatory developments regarding deoffshorisation 
  3. Protecting the interests of controlled foreign companies (CFCs)
  4. Developing a set of measures to ensure that the client complies with transfer pricing laws
  5. Ongoing advice during tax audits
  6. Preparing objections to tax audit reports and representing the client when such objections are considered

  • Defending foreign companies in courts in tax matters

Legal support to Russian companies abroad

Some of the key advantages of our firm are: comprehensive experience working with leading Russian companies; offices in different parts of Russia, in China and in Korea; well-developed communication with foreign consulting firms, membership of Taxand and Terralex.

Jointly with our foreign partners, Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers address the most complex issues related to incorporating and running a business abroad:

  • Selecting the best jurisdiction
  • IPO on stock exchanges
  • Developing an investment strategy
  • Acquiring assets abroad (real estate, securities and others)
  • Tax aspects of cross-border transactions
  • Paying VAT
  • Income tax on indirect income (dividends, interest, royalties, proceeds from using movable and immovable property in Russia)
  • Applying provisions of international double taxation treaties to income of Russian companies

Support to Russian and foreign investors in CIS countries

  • Identifying country opportunities and risks, requirements and limitations
  • Developing the most financially beneficial strategy for expanding into new markets
  • Creating a corporate structure
  • Partnering with leading local consulting firms, coordinating their efforts


Legal support for an investment project of a major Korean company
Preparation of a report on the possibility of implementing a project in the PDA on the basis of the Russian legislation.
Support for the investement projects in connection with the opening of a hotel chain
Supported a European hotel operator in concnection with the opening of a hotel chain in several regions of Russia. The work included structuring of transactions and acquisition of real estate objects for future construction/reconstruction , advising on project finacing issues, and so on. 
Other projects