Digital Economy Legal Support Group


Pepeliaev Group has made great strides in the Pravo.ru-300 ratings Pepeliaev Group has achieved exceptional results in the Pravo.ru-300 ratings. For instance, the Currency Regulation and Currency Control Practice, having put itself forward in the Foreign Trade category for the first time, was immediately ranked in Group 1. The Environmental Practice has risen from Group 3 to Group 1. In the Natural Resources/Energy category, the firm has ascended from Group 2 to Group 1. The Intellectual Property and Trademarks Practice was ranked in Group 1 in the “consulting” and “registration” sections, while the Bankruptcy and Anti-Crisis Protection of Business Practice received the same acclaim in the “restructuring/consulting” section.
Dmitry Zykov leaves Pepeliaev Group Dmitry Zykov, head of the data protection practice, is leaving Pepeliaev Group. Nikolay Solodovnikov, a partner within Pepeliaev Group and his seasoned team from the digital group, headed by Polina Bardina, will take on responsibility for the further development of this field.
Pepeliaev Group’s Experts Have Ranked Highly in the Individual Rating of Pravo.ru-300 Pepeliaev Group’s Experts Have Ranked Highly in the Individual Rating of Pravo.ru-300
Eight lawyers of our company have made their debut in the rating. Among them are partners Anton Nikiforov (“Tax Disputes”), Maria Nikonova (“Tax Advice”), Andrey Tereschenko (“Tax Disputes” and “Tax Advice”), Konstantin Sharlovsky, Head of the Life Sciences Practice (“Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare”), Alexander Kuznetsov, Head of Corporate Litigation Group (“Commercial Litigation”, mid-market), Anatoly Mashkov, Head of Corporate Law Group (“Corporate / M&A” high market), Egor Lysenko, Head of the Siberian Office (“Energy/Natural Resources”), and Andrey Mikulin, Head of the Sakhalin Office (“Energy / Natural Resources”).
Pepeliaev Group and nlogic have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies Pepeliaev Group and nlogic signed a partnership agreement. Taking into account the specifics of clients’ business processes and the legal nuances of the tasks at hand, Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers working in Legal Support for the Digital Economy configure nlogic’s solution for each particular user. The project team analyses the client’s documents, identifies the stages and areas of business processes where nlogic’s solution can be applied, marks up the documents, configures the templates and performs other tasks so that the client can receive a measurable economic effect of automation.
Valentina Orlova will be the lecturer on the programme “Intellectual property in the digital economy”

Valentina Orlova, the Head of the IP Practice at Pepeliaev Group, will be the lecturer on the professional skills programme in the area of intellectual property and the digital economy. 

Pepeliaev Group has set up a cross-sectoral Digital Economy Legal Support Group
Pepeliaev Group is announcing its formation of a cross-sectoral Digital Economy Legal Support Group.