Legal GR and Anti-corruption Compliance

Legal GR and Anti-corruption Compliance

Pepeliaev Group provides services to its clients in the area of Legal GR and anti-corruption compliance. 

At present one of the most effective ways of solving problems arising in the course of performing business activity in Russia is liaising with state institutions for business support. Such problems may, among others, include the unfavourable legal regulation of an industry, which reveals the need for laws to be amended. 
Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers provide expert legislative drafting support in order to change the regulatory environment in clients’ interests. They have extensive experience of dealing with state authorities at all levels on issues that concern resolving criminal law conflicts, and of overcoming excessive administrative pressure within control and supervisory activities. 
To mitigate the relevant risks it is crucial for companies to timely adapt to changes in international and national regulations, and to comply with the highest global corporate and anti-corruption standards.

Our Legal GR services:

  • developing a road map of activities to resolve conflict situations and selecting the most efficient tools to protect rights;
  • drafting appeals, motions, and personalised letters in the interests of the client; providing legal and expert support when such documents are being considered;
  • arranging expert surveys and public discussions, and dealing with business protection institutions to achieve the best results;
  • liaising with the competent state authorities to develop measures to respond to an appeal and for a favourable resolution of a conflict.

Anti-corruption compliance services:

  • developing a full set of necessary documents and activities to introduce anti-corruption policy in a client’s company;
  • conducting an audit and drawing up recommendations on how to improve a current anti-corruption policy, how to bring it into line with the best global standards, and how to comply with the requirements of FCPA and UK BA; assessing and mitigating corruption risks in the relevant company’s current business model;
  • structuring work with contracting parties from standpoints of the requirements of anti-corruption legislation;
  • automating compliance procedures by applying our own legal tech developments which are based on unique algorithms and IT solutions;
  • stress-testing and checking the efficiency of anti-corruption measures that are being taken. providing the certification of a company as meeting anti-corruption provisions and standards;
  • organising training sessions and seminars for employees.

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